COVID-19 – Day 2 Lock-down with Sherrene Roselea

COVID-19 Day 2 Lock-down has arrived along with day 2 of my 21 day lock-down self challenge!! We are alive and well at Woodlands Retreat! The world as I know it is peaceful and calm. Even though the COVID-19-day-2-lock-down has us ‘trapped”. The birds are still tweeting, bees buzzing and the glorious sun shining!!! So
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Yummy Fried Eggs!

Check these pert orange super tasty eggs!!! When Mrs Bouquet first arrived at Woodlands Retreat it took her about two weeks to settle in and start laying her eggs.  Mr Google strutted around proudly, cockle doodle doing at every opportunity.  As a proud mate he would watch over her and examine each little precious gift,
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Happy Chooks!

The last time I wrote about our unexpected adoption of 4 chooks, we were all in a feathered flurry to build them a new home.  Well since them we have been having such fun with our new feathered friends. Meet Mr Google…….majestic, protective, a real gentleman, allowing the ladies to eat first. Mrs Bouquet when
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Chook’s Chooks……..Kwaaak!!!

  Wow our manifestation is working sooooo well!!  We have been chirping about getting our own chickens so we can be sure to have organic, free range, non GMO eggs to eat.  Well I hatched a plan for Roy and I to watch a VLOG (first time I have ever heard of this term –
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