Happy Chooks!

The last time I wrote about our unexpected adoption of 4 chooks, we were all in a feathered flurry to build them a new home.  Well since them we have been having such fun with our new feathered friends.

Meet Mr Google…….majestic, protective, a real gentleman, allowing the ladies to eat first.woodlands-retreat-mr-google

Mrs Bouquet when she is acting like a lady or Mrs Bucket when she is bossing and sorting out the pecking order. (With all due respect to the Brit TV program).

Dotty, (in the forefront) the eldest of the teens…… stands up to Mrs B at times


Spotty, (In the back ground)  the youngest of the teens……very skittish always ducking out of Mrs B’s way.

We are learning fast that chickens being the closest living relative to dinosaurs will eat just about anything, which is great.  All our fresh food scraps, sour milk, meat fat, you name it go toward their daily food allowance along with a dose of grain and they love it.woodlands-retreat-chicken-feed

We are avid followers of a vlog (never heard of a vlog and eventually figured out it meant a video blog) by a fabulous young man named Justin Rhodes.  Justin has a delightful way of engaging both his audience and his kids in a permaculture lifestyle that is just soooo much fun and filled with soooo much information!!!  I would highly recommend watching his vlogs, they are about 10 minutes each, really lift one’s spirits and are wonderful for kids!!

Link to Justin woodlands-retreat-justin-family

Chat soon!

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