Feeling isolated - tip for the day

Todays #1 Uplifting Tip with Sherrene

Hi Again!!! Seems like I can’t give up trying. As I write “Todays #1 Uplifting Tip”, this video is being uploaded to YouTube!! Keeping fingers crossed that I will succeed. I have done a short clip and had to jippo the system to get the video from my phone, to my PC, to be able
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Techno phobe - computer error

COVID-19 day 4 Lock-Down with Sherrene Roselea

COVID-19 day 4 Lock-Down with Sherrene Roselea and why there will be no day 5!!! You may have read my previous blog regarding COVID-19 day 4 Lock-Down with Sherrene Roselea (actually it was day 2), where I explained I was having technical challenges uploading my Vlog etc etc. Well I decided to do a short
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COVID-19 – Day 2 Lock-down with Sherrene Roselea

COVID-19 Day 2 Lock-down has arrived along with day 2 of my 21 day lock-down self challenge!! We are alive and well at Woodlands Retreat! The world as I know it is peaceful and calm. Even though the COVID-19-day-2-lock-down has us ‘trapped”. The birds are still tweeting, bees buzzing and the glorious sun shining!!! So
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Nurturing Mother Earth

COVID-19 LOCKDOWN Clarens South Africa

My Challenge during the 21 day Lockdown for COVID-19 I awoke at Woodlands Retreat, Clarens, this morning with the urge to do something, to assist others to find a smile in their day during this trying time! So I decided to do a short YouTube video…… my first EVER, hope you can smile!!! Cick here
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“Lady Godiva” wakes up Clarens!!

“Lady Godiva” wakes up Clarens, just before the annual Craft Beer Festival!! Vanessa Faarking Jenkins, acknowledged life and her fight for health in the most unusual way. Vanessa’s body once ravaged by skin cancer and various surgeries is now recovering! So she decided to parade her joie de vivre , by riding a white horse around Clarens
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Spring Vintage Tea Day at Woodlands Retreat

A lovely day was had by all at our Spring Vintage Tea hosted by Woodlands Retreat on 28 September 2019. The weather was perfect, the guests delightful, and prizes very much appreciated. Delicious food was creatively presented and in abundance. So much fun was had by all that we can’t wait for next year when
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Wedding Proposal in Clarens

Marriage Proposal!!! Surprise!!! Surprise!!!

Our first marriage proposal at Woodlands Retreat!! Our guest Marius surprised his lovely lady Drien, when he decided that he would make his marriage proposal in our Caribbean Blue Suite at Woodlands Retreat, this past weekend.  He laid out all the beautiful decorations on the bed himself, prepared and lit all the candles, made sure
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Woodlands Retreat, Clarens, Ashburton MTB 2017

After a great, peaceful, restorative, night’s sleep at Woodlands Retreat,  Michelle and Steven, head off for the 7.30am  start of the Clarens Ashburton MTB 2017 race!!!! Good luck guys and thanks for choosing our accommodation as your preparation and recovery haven!!! From Woodlands Retreat!!!

PPA Maluti Double 90 Powers away!!

Woodlands Retreat, Clarens, has recently celebrated its first anniversary and The 2017 Maluti Double 90 cycle race reminds us of this time last year when we were just settling in and were so chuffed to host participants for this event. This year yet again participants have selected our peaceful comfortable accommodations to relax and recover!! The
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Clarens Craft Beer Festival

It’s that time of year again ….. Clarens Craft Beer Festival….. which has been fully booked for nearly a year in advance, including our accommodation at Woodlands Retreat.  However with all the heavy rains in Gauteng one guest cancelled because they were coming on bikes, but with a little Tweet and a Face Book post
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Woodlands Retreat Front Garden


We have just spent a delightful half hour reading the reviews written in our guest books regarding our visitors stay with us at Woodlands Retreat, Clarens. What pleases us most is the number of guests who find peace and tranquillity during their stay at our happy haven here in Clarens……. People have been able to
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Clarens HOG Rally 2017

Varoom its time again February 10-12 2017, the HOGS are heading our way.  Woodlands Retreat is really chuffed to have guests with their magnificent HOGS arriving on Friday.  After the recent heavy rains the road to Woodlands Retreat is great compared to many others in Clarens. As you come up Villiers St we are on
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Highland Coffee Roastery Clarens & Tourism

Hey we just had an impromptu meeting with Chris @HighlandCoffeeRoastery over a wonderful hot cuppa of his great brew and a crispy croissant!!  Yay so great to connect, he shared a wealth of information with us regarding @ClarensTourism,  #MyTimeInClarens , promoting Woodlands Retreat Accommodation via Face Book and Twitter. We really appreciate his open encouraging
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National MTB Series Cycle Race (Ashburton Investments)

The NATIONAL MTB SERIES CYCLE RACE (ASHBURTON INVESTMENTS) is being held in CLARENS 8-9 April 2017 We at Woodlands Retreat Clarens, wish all riders and their families a fabulous weekend.  Last year the bikers came whizzing right past Woodlands Retreat’s front entrance making it was a memorable moment for us. The following information comes with courtesy of
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Howzit My Cherry!!

  Yay after a wild time leading up to Christmas, trying to get all new semi-circular patios built and finish our new 5 sleeper Cherry Cottage we can almost breathe freely again. Our Cherry Cottage went live last week at about 11am one morning and by 3pm in the afternoon we received our first instant
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Delicious Christmas Lunch

Merry Christmas Everyone!!! Roy I had a wonderful Christmas Lunch at The Millery Clarens,  Coffee-Cafe & Bar.  Originally our hearts sank when we could not find a venue that was either open or serving a close to traditional Christmas Lunch in Clarens.  Then we connected with a message on Face Book which saved our day.
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