Yummy Fried Eggs!


Check these pert orange super tasty eggs!!!

When Mrs Bouquet first arrived at Woodlands Retreat it took her about two weeks to settle in and start laying her eggs.  Mr Google strutted around proudly, cockle doodle doing at every opportunity.  As a proud mate he would watch over her and examine each little precious gift, giving great accolades and encouragement.  We were sooo excited to collect our chook ‘rental’ and have some for brekkie, we also cooed and clucked.

After three or four weeks we decided to start leaving the eggs for Mrs B to accumulate, hopefully sit on them and then maybe we would get some chicks.  D day came and Mrs B started sitting on 12 eggs, only popping out to grab a quick bite, maybe a sand bath and then back on to her little grassy nest.


Mrs Bouquet glazed in a trance sitting on her 12 eggs……. all is blank!!!

About two weeks ago Dotty started laying a very cute little long oval creamy coloured egg a day and we started having yummy brekkies again.  Just 4 days ago Spotty started sitting in her nest trying to lay an egg.  Well if you have watched the movie Chicken Run and noticed how all the chickens interact that is what it is like here……such a scream.  Everyone lines up to examine and encourage the other with much chortling, growling, clucking and squawking.


Dotty, making sure all the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed.

Now somehow Dotty and Spotty have manage to outwit and confuse us. …. because all of a sudden Dotty’s egg moved out of one nest into another (which is elevated and uphill….???) and along with it appeared a new, cute little, snow white round egg…………….. and as Emanuel in Fawlty Towers says….  Che???  I asked everyone if they had moved the eggs but no one had, so somehow one egg levitated from one nest to the other.  Now we are getting a little white round egg a day.  So we have shared out the eggs 2 in each nest, labelled the older ones and are watching keenly whilst Dotty and Spotty keep changing accommodations and we have no idea who is laying where…………….So much for bird brains!!!!…..

And then …………Yummy cooked brekkie, my favourite!!!  Toasted Ciabatta using stone ground flour from our local bakery, crispy streaky bacon, delish fried Dotty’s eggs  with my pièce de résistance piesta ‘crispy’ savoury fried tomatoes……..just sooooo finger licking good even if I say so myself…… schlurp schlurp!!!!



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