Chook’s Chooks……..Kwaaak!!!


Woodlands Retreat Chicken Coop Bent Nail -50-50

Wow our manifestation is working sooooo well!!  We have been chirping about getting our own chickens so we can be sure to have organic, free range, non GMO eggs to eat.  Well I hatched a plan for Roy and I to watch a VLOG (first time I have ever heard of this term – I think it means video blog??) on chicken farming.  Well what a hoot, we had fun and learnt quite a lot and continued to chat about one day….how we will have our own chooks…..

Woodlands Retreat pallet chicken coop -50-50

Well we hardly blinked when we got a call from a new friend in Clarens, Helen Boucher of Helens Green Projects saying would we like some chickens!!  We thought she meant frozen!!  Oops!!! She meant live ones!!   Before we could go cheep Helen arrived with a majestic looking Cockerel, a Hen and two teenagers in a temporary coop.

Woodlands Retreat Heave Ho! -50-50

Talk about being dumped in the cheep end, luckily Helen also brought a bag of seed/corn, said she would collect her cage in a few days, they need some water!!!   EEEEACK SQUAAAAARK!!!!


I am already chirping and cheeping with the odd cock-a-doodle-doo and these fine feathered creatures are getting to know us and our dog Jessie, who by the way, is so excited to see real live Walkie-Talkies and can’t wait to sample them!! So we have a challenge training her to ‘LEAVE!!’ …. and I must say she is improving, each day she is less inquisitive, but given half a chance she will not be able to resist helping herself to a tasty morsel of such tantalizing KFC on the run!

Woodlands Retreat propping the Coop -50-50

In the meantime, Roy and I have had a bit of a scramble to try to obtain some used pallets to make our new Chicken house, which we are going to call Chook’s chooks, mainly because my parents nick name for me is Chooks …………..

Watch out for the next exciting episode!!!



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