Todays #1 Uplifting Tip with Sherrene

Short Uplifting Video Clip

Hi Again!!! Seems like I can’t give up trying. As I write “Todays #1 Uplifting Tip”, this video is being uploaded to YouTube!! Keeping fingers crossed that I will succeed. I have done a short clip and had to jippo the system to get the video from my phone, to my PC, to be able to upload to YouTube. The things we have to do!!

Inspired to do ” Todays #1 Uplifting Tip”

So my ” Todays #1 Uplifting Tip ” was inspired by a lady with whom I was chatting with over the phone. This lovely lady was having difficulty being all alone, locked up in her flat/apartment. Being a people person and having no one to interact with is proving very challenging for her.

Suddenly it really hit home to me, that she is not the only person out there, isolated, alone, there are many, many other people in the same predicament. And some of them are even in my area of influence!!! This was the conversation I needed to prompt me to take further action.

Isolation feeling deserted! or inspired?

child looking out from darkness through small hole into the light during Uplifting Tip for Today # 1 with Sherrene Roselea
Is there a ray of light?

Whilst Roy and I are also people persons, we are quite content with our own company. We usually work from home so life is not sooooo different for us. Sure our Woodlands Retreat and Woodlands Escape Guest houses are feeling a severe pinch and unfortunately it does impact on us. Even if we only consider the well-being of the wonderful staff we have working for us. So where to from here we keep asking ourselves?

Uplifted by Synchronicity or being Guided?

I received an unexpected call from a gentleman recently, who has lost his wife, and has been alienated by his children. He too is on lock-down all alone! This gentleman is suffering with his grief, loss of family, scared of the unknown and this is filling him with anxiety. His intelligent body is showing him how out of wack his emotions are. Therefore he can’t eat, the food does not digest, he cant sleep, his mind is focusing on the fear. His breath is rapid and short. His body is screaming for help, but until he changes his focus to something that brings him peace, a smile to his face, or at the very least distracts him from the drama, he will not feel relief. By repeating the drama of his situation he will not find relief. Without relief he cannot change his current situation.

So where does the synchronicity come in you may ask? Another Tip for the day, what are you synchronizing with?

Understanding Synchronicity

Well how did he find me? He lives in KZN, I live in Clarens. Well somehow he found an article I had written years ago in the Ballito Life & Style free newspaper and reached out for help. Well I never!! I wrote those articles over 5 years ago, how on earth did he find one – and he does not have internet, so could not have found a digital edition. Synchronicity, coincidence, fate, magnetism???

Maybe this is a nudge in the right direction for me! Am i being guided down a path that I have been passionate about for years? Helping Others uplift themselves, to know their own power!!

So know this, “We all have a choice!” – to worry or not, to fear or not, to complain or not.

Some of us need a little help to see that there is always light and dark, good and bad, fear and confidence, success and failure, summer and winter, rain or shine, it just depends on what we focus upon, how we feel.

So Roy and I choose not to go down the hole with worry and fear, we keep thinking to ourselves, how can we help other human beings? How can we uplift their spirits, keep them from drowning in despair? And so this is where my Tip for Today’s idea blossomed. As long as I can find a way to upload the video clips, in an efficient manner, I will continue to broadcast. So if you are keen to receive a little uplift of your spirits during the day please, like, subscribe and share my posts. This way you too are helping humanity!!

Sending love to our entire planet and all those who reside upon her!!

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