COVID-19 – Day 2 Lock-down with Sherrene Roselea

Little girl breathes with glorious abandon covid-19-day-2-lock-down
Little girl breathes with glorious abandon

COVID-19 Day 2 Lock-down has arrived along with day 2 of my 21 day lock-down self challenge!!

We are alive and well at Woodlands Retreat! The world as I know it is peaceful and calm. Even though the COVID-19-day-2-lock-down has us ‘trapped”. The birds are still tweeting, bees buzzing and the glorious sun shining!!! So how am i? I am great, enjoying the challenge of videoing myself and posting to YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and hopefully Instagram – trusting that today’s uploading is quicker than yesterday!

Breathe and Feel Free during COVID-19 Day 2 Lock-down

My message today is to breathe and ask open questions, see my vlog below……

GRRRRR! After 8 hours of uploading my video to Youtube it crashed!!! YouTube said the video was too large……Che?….. it was less than 20 minutes ….. I think my upload speed was too slow so it appeared to be a large file.

Apologies you missed out. I will try again but definitely need a PA to do the admin stuff.

So back to breathing, I sure needed a few deep breaths after the above………….Take notice how everyone lifts their arms up to the skies naturally, to take a deep breath and feel free. Understand that this expands our chest opens our lungs and invigorates our bodies! So we feel more alive and vibrant, filled with infinite possibilities in that very moment.

Man expands chest to breathe deeply covid-19-day-2-lock-down
Man joyously extends arms opening his chest to breathe deeply

I have never seen anyone curl up into a ball to take a real breath. Notice how FEAR makes you feel? Small, curled up, protective, resistant, shut off, gasping for air. Notice how big open deep breaths make you feel, especially as now there is a lessening of environmental air pollutants!

Feel every cell in your body expressing gratitude for the life giving energy of oxygen. Now, of all the things that limit life, a lack of oxygen is by far the quickest, Compare no water or no food, where we still have time to make a plan. Oxygen is in the air which surrounds us, it is free make use of it. So understand we have amazing biological tools that come standard as our body is created. They are not optional extras to be chosen at birth, we are all gifted with phenomenal respiratory systems.

After deep breathing in nature we feel, happy, relaxed, free and at peace!! When we take a few more minutes to stop and relish the feeling we will embed it into our being.

Lady relaxes smiling content after breathing fresh air covid-19-day-2-lock-down
Lady relaxes, smiling, content after breathing Fresh Air

So breathe, feel free, feel expansive, feel infinite!!! Lets blow the trapped feeling of COVID-19 Day 2 Lock-down into oblivion!!!

When this COVID-19 Day 2 Lock-down is all over, Clarens is the place to visit. So connect with us at Woodlands Retreat or Woodlands Escape to Breathe and Restore!!

See my day one video here..

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