COVID-19 day 4 Lock-Down with Sherrene Roselea

COVID-19 day 4 Lock-Down with Sherrene Roselea and why there will be no day 5!!!

Computer upload Error for technically  challenged - COVID-19 day 4 Lock-Down
Computer Techno Phoebe!!!

You may have read my previous blog regarding COVID-19 day 4 Lock-Down with Sherrene Roselea (actually it was day 2), where I explained I was having technical challenges uploading my Vlog etc etc.

Well I decided to do a short Vlog this morning giving clarity why I was not honouring my own challenge. Note : Usually when I commit to something I make sure to honour the commitment, however I feel this is out of my hands and expertise.

Click for: My Vlog

However, I may try from time to time to play again! But it will need to be “PLAY” as anything that is going to consume me with stress I choose to eliminate.

My passion is to uplift others. My expertise has been gained from years of hands on experience in my health practices as well as the hours and years of research both Roy (my partner) and I have been drawn to. So this is where I want to devote my time.

Speaking of which, if anyone is interested in joining me on a free Zoom MasterMind session to share how each of you stays upbeat during this time. Or where you envision yourself in a few months time. Please feel free to connect with me via the email below.

So dear ones, have a wonderful life from this minute forward!! And ask yourself: –

What doors can open for me?

How wonderful can it get?

How amazed can I be?

What phenomenal surprises lay in wait for me?

Can life get any better than this?

Am I really magnetising every experience to me?

How “lucky” am I?

Life is a Gift!! Unwrap it!!

Life Is Art!! Create it!!

Imagination is the Key to all things!!

Gift boxes with red bows - COVID-19 day 4 Lock-Down
Life’s a Gift – Unwrap It!!!

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