Snow Snow Snow!!!!

Happy Birthday Mommy!!!

Woodlands Retreat Happy Birthday Mommy a Wish come True!!

Not only did we wake up to snow falling this morning, it is my Mum’s birthday!!!

All her life, my Mum has been wanting to roll in the snow, touch, taste  feel…….  She and my Dad checked out long term weather forecasts to see when the most likely chance of snow fall would be in Clarens and they booked their flights in accordance.

Woodlands Retreat Snow Happy Mommy -30

Well last weekend I collected them from Jhb and I was really hoping it would snow on the Monday as there were indications…… snow but huge winds and freezing cold so we did not venture out and missed snow at Golden Gate…… I have been kicking myself all week saying I should have pushed for all of us to go out.  Anyway each of us decided to continue placing our order in triplicate for snow at Woodlands Retreat Clarens.

Woodlands Retreat Snow Mum & Dad -30

Whoa Wow Yee Haa today is Mums 72nd birthday and I woke her up to the most magical gift no money can buy!!!

The pictures say it all……..Happy Birthday Mommy!!!!  Another tick on your bucket list!!!

Woodlands Retreat Snow Accommodation

6 thoughts on “Snow Snow Snow!!!!

  • Thank you Sherrene & Roy, waking me up at 6.30am today 1st August 2016 for the most fabulous Birthday surprise and wonderful gift to celebrate my 72nd Birthday. Love to you both and beautiful Woodlands Retreat,
    Clarens OFS South Africa,

    • You are so verrrry welcome Mommy. We are just soooooooooo chuffed that our gift ordered in triplicate the night before came to fruition. Who says manifestation does not work!!!! The more we play the more fun we have the more we open ourselves to all potentials and possibilities!!!!

      Biggest of love and hugs
      Sherrene & Roy

  • Hi You look brilliantly happy as you should be. I am so so happy for you that you got the snow!! Have a lovely day, and celebrate with wine, chilled with snow!!

    Heaps and heaps


  • Hi Ray and Sybs, we are delighted this happened for you on your Birthday, what a lovely surprise. I am so glad it was on your Birthday, and wish you a fantastic 72nd Birthday, can see that is just what it was, fantastic. can see you had a lovely time playing in the snow. You will never forget this Birthday. Happy Birthday and all the best for many more. Love to you both, and Sherrene and Roy.

    Lots of Love
    Jan and Marge XXXX

  • Hi Sherrene, Roy and beautiful Woodlands Retreat. Thank you and all the family and friends who responded with great Birthday messages for me expressing their joy at my being with you at Woodlands Retreat, Clarens to share the most wonderful snow fall, which was light, fluffy, dry and brilliant white. The sight was magical. We enjoyed it for more than 4 hours and when it started to melt there was no dirty slush or ice, just beautiful plants all winking in the soft golden sunlight with their clean leaves and flowers . The picture is embedded in my mind, heart and memory, as the snow was all and more than I ever thought it could be.

    We back home in the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe and already thinking of our next visit to Woodlands Retreat.

    Love to all
    Mommy ( Sybil ) 0x0x0x0x0 = hugs + kisses

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