Burn Baby Burn

Talk about 3 B’s…. We have just christened our ‘new’ Big Barrel Braai/BBQ.

Woodlands Retreat - Fire - 50%

When we moved into our new home we found an old barrel tucked away in a corner, so I asked Isaac our ever faithful and extremely handy builder to chop it in half to make a BBB that will BBB!!!

Hey presto here we are with our very first BBB so we decided we would start our Big Big Burn by using up the cardboard that we have inherited from all the building supplies and packaging and have a rip roaring fire.

Wow at first we had to stand 2 meters away the flame was so scorching hot, but as the fire settled and we started to add wood, that we have available from our garden, we were able to creep closer and really enjoy the ambiance of a warm outdoor fire.

Fancy joining us sometime this winter???

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