Marriage Proposal!!! Surprise!!! Surprise!!!

Our first marriage proposal at Woodlands Retreat!!

Our guest Marius surprised his lovely lady Drien, when he decided that he would make his marriage proposal in our Caribbean Blue Suite at Woodlands Retreat, this past weekend.  He laid out all the beautiful decorations on the bed himself, prepared and lit all the candles, made sure he has a mini spot light to highlight the ring.  Marius explained “It was quite a challenge as his lady is very alert, noticing his excited anticipation the past few weeks, but she could not figure out what was going on.”  Then he had to distract her in town whilst he shot back to decorate the suite.

Our hearts swelled with joy that we had been selected as the venue for this precious moment!!

Congratulations to Marius and Drien and may there be many happy days from now on, especially your Wedding Day!!!

Warmest of blessings to you both

Sherrene and Roy

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