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Woodlands Retreat Clarens, Free State, South Africa
Woodlands Retreat

Is nestled in a lush garden, amongst woodland trees, surrounded by an inspiring sandstone mountain landscape, for which Clarens is renowned. This secluded peaceful venue is ideal for rest and relaxation and, is an easy 3 minute gentle drive (+-13 minute walk) to Central Clarens. Breathe deeply and feel free!!! We are a short hop for a weekend getaway (+- midway between Johannesburg & Durban).

Woodlands Retreat is a dream come true for Roy and Sherrene! A chance stopover in Clarens, The Jewel of the Free State, in 2015, gave clarity to Roy and Sherrene’s dream, of wanting to restore life’s vigour to their daily lives, wishing to grow their own veggies and breathe fresh clean air. Within a few short weeks of their first visit to Clarens, they had made an offer on a property which suddenly made their dream a potential reality. 493 Villiers Street is situated in the peaceful Swartland area of central Clarens, in the protective arms of the Rooiberge Mountain Range. Backed up to the southeast by the mighty purple/blue Maluti Mountains. Apparently 493 Villiers was part of a vlei covered in water, which the original farmer/owner drained and reclaimed. Now a tranquil Retreat nestled in a lush garden, amongst woodland trees and surrounded by the inspiring layers of multi-coloured sandstone mountain landscape, for which Clarens is renowned. Woodlands Retreat is a secluded, peaceful venue ideal for rest and relaxation and, is an easy 3-minute gentle drive (+-13-minute walk) to Central Clarens. Here you can re-connect with the soothing rhythms of nature, watch a variety of birds frequenting the garden and wander around the meandering pathways, discovering what is hidden around the next corner. We are a Loving work in progress as we endeavour to create an eco-friendly, organic environment. All the water used on the property is filtered, both indoors and out. We only use bio-degradable cleaning agents and we are composting and mulching the garden every opportunity we get. Catching rain water for our vegetable garden ensures we eat chemical free produce and are building wetlands to re-cycle all our grey water. Woodlands Retreat is moving to be as self-sufficient as possible, planning to be off the grid in the future! We have free, easy access, secure on-site parking for one vehicle per suite. Woodland Retreat is a place to breathe deeply and feel free!!! Our guests are just loving being able to calm down, connect with themselves and the wonderful peaceful sounds of nature. Some have threatened to turn off their DSTV once they get home, because they want to maintain the new connections made with their partner/children!!



Both Sherrene and Roy love interacting with their guests but are also aware of their own and the guests desire for private space and quiet time.
Sherrene Roselea
Sherrene Roselea
Host – Owner
Sherrene is well known for her 11 year practice as a Specialist Body Stress Release Practitioner with offices in both Ballito and Umhlanga, KZN, attending to clients from all over Southern Africa, Europe and Canada.
Roy Thompson
Roy Thompson
Host – Owner
Roy is a Specialist Neuro-feedback practitioner and Brain Mapping Technician. Roy focussed mainly on working with children diagnosed with ADD and ADHD, although other clients with insomnia, depression, and rage issues also sought Roy’s help.
Hannetjie Payne
Helps keep the retreat running and making your stay a memorable one.

In 2014 Sherrene and her partner Roy decided they wanted to get off the hamster wheel and set themselves free. So they rented out their houses and travelled to the USA, Mexico and Zimbabwe for a year.

In the USA Sherrene and Roy attended workshops with Neuroscientists in an effort to understand, not only how the brain works but, to have a greater understanding of the ‘ab-normal’, super-natural capacities of the brain. They brought this information back to South Africa to share with those who wish to change their lives but need to understand the logic behind why they are stuck in the same old repetitive drama, no matter how much they try and use positive thoughts and affirmations.

What Sherrene and Roy found out, to their amazement, is that cutting edge Neuro-scientists are now using Brain Mapping, EEG’s, Live Blood Analysis and GDV (gas discharge visualisation) a more advanced type of Kirlian photography to prove that what historically, and still currently, has been considered as ‘WHOO WHOO energy stuff’ is in fact quantifiable, repeatable, and has no limit……except for the equipment’s capacity to record the results.

Once we understand how our brains, our heart and our bodies interact, we can change our lives any which way we so desire.

By understanding the foundation of this new Neuroscience and practising the techniques, both Sherrene and Roy have turned their lives around. They both have had a long standing wish / intention to conduct workshops and retreats to help uplift humanity but never knew how this dream would manifest.

Now having purchased this lovely woodland property in Clarens (beyond their wildest dreams), they have converted the house into luxury self-contained suites, for guests to retreat from their normal lives into peace and tranquillity. Sherrene and Roy will be conducting workshops from here and offering accommodation to those that attend.

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