Our New Journey

Woodlands Retreat Autumn Colours

Moving to Clarens and settling into our new home at Woodlands Retreat has been both fun and challenging.

We have been converting and renovating our suites one at a time to accommodate visitors who pour into Clarens weekly and are seeking a comfortable place to stay.  We are chuffed to have two suites up and running and the third to come on line in the next week or so.

The Challenge with the building and renovating is of course living in the house whilst it all gets done.  We selected the original lounge/kitchen as our sleeping, living space (we have to commute to an outside bathroom) and we feel as if we are camping amongst all the hardware, building supplies, fixtures, fittings and finishing’s with hardly any room to swing a cat.  If Roy and I did not get on so well this surely would have been the demise of our relationship.  Fortunately, there is always laughter and fun to be had even in the most serious moment.

Our garden a good 3000sq meters and is presenting its own fun and challenges.  Neither Roy nor I have ever had such a large garden to maintain let alone restore to a beautiful place to wander and breathe in the peace.

The cold climate and clay soil presents a serious learning curve, not to mention the multitude of falling leaves now that the splendour of autumn has passed.

Our neighbours are our barometer because they live in Johannesburg and only come through to Clarens once every six weeks or so and they can see the wonderful changes that have taken place and comment on our achievements.

All in all, we are steadily gaining ground and momentum and are thrilled to have had lovely guests visiting us and really enjoying our sacred space.

Have a beautiful Day!


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